Winner 2008

Father Georg Sporschill founded the social project “Concordia – City of Children” for street children in Romania more than 16 years ago. Adolescents can now be offered vocational training and a new perspective in life.

With the prize money from the Essl Social Prize, a residential and training centre for 24 young people was built under the name “Casa Abraham”.

“Abraham believed in God and the future. He followed his calling. We wish for the same kind of courage for our children and we offer them opportunities for vocational training,” says Father Georg Sporschill.

The centre was built in close proximity to the existing Concordia buildings and, in addition to residential units, offers a chapel, a model kindergarten and space for job training.

In therapist-supported groups, adolescents are prepared for working life so that they will be able to begin training as apprentices or undertake other activities in companies afterward.

The kindergarten not only serves as a child-care facility for infants and toddlers, it is also a training facility for young girls who want to become kindergarten teachers. The demand for professional educators is very high in Romania.